Paradiso Ambiente

This Picture above are from this Sunday.
We went for a long walk in the National park Fruška gora on the sunny weather with our baby.Everything is so beautiful there.Love that place.
 Did some shoppng  at our local food market, we eat cakes in same restaurant and chilled on our balcony.
A Perfect Sunday with my Husband.

Tee Divided by H&M, Dress H&M Love Coachella, Sunnies Ray Ban, Sandals Zara Trf, Bag Zara Basic

 Ph By Sasha Drljan and Me


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1 коментара

  1. Astec kombinacija i te slatke poslastice, savrsene su su za letnje vrucine, propracene viskom temperature. Volim taj print, a narocito u tvojoj reziji, kad miksas :)
    Uz jedne ovakve simpaticne srecbrne cipelice, izgled je vise nego savrsen :*



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