Hey girls! In today's shopping post I'm taking you to STYLEWE, one of my favorite online stores for sure. I'm sure you'll like them as well and bookmark them in order to visit them again. They have a large assortment of unique and high quality designer clothes and bags. STYLEWE is an online shopping platform that features independent fashion designers from all over the globe. They are helping designers to build their own brands, as well as the costumers to find unique stylish clothes. The main idea behind STYLWE is to make designers and shoppers communicate and create the world fashion scene together. Really cool concept, so different from other shops that you can find on the web. Whatever your personal style is, girly, elegant, edgy or bohemian there's something for everyone's taste. 
   Lately I'm totally in to backpacks! Today’s woman has many essentials to carry around: smartphone, tablet, cash and cards, keys and much more. But how do you keep all these important items safe and secure, yet easily reachable when you need them? The answer is simple - Use a backpack as a purse! Modern designers have caught onto this trend, and nowadays you can find all kinds of backpacks that look fabulous but are practical as well. Out of all the bags in the world, aren't backpacks the most awesome? I really like that this trend in fashion have it's revival now. While I was browsing STYLEWE I found so many unique designs of backpacks. From bright, bold colors and printed knapsacks to sleek leather pieces, the options are endless. Check them out, I'm sure you'll find an ideal backpack for yourself.


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