Hey there guys! In today's post I want to share something a bit different than what you used to read on Taktata blog. I want to introduce one company that sells some super fun products. Inflatable-Zone is is a leading company in the field of inflatable products and services. Inflatable-Zone specializes in big inflatable products, including Bubble Soccer or Bumper Ball or Loopy Balls call them whatever you may, water game toys like water roller, blob, and trampoline, inflatable slide and bouncer. Customers are welcomed to offer them  customization ideas, like logo-printing, personalized size, shape and design.
  Inflatable-Zone offers different product categories for you and your kids to have fun. For example, they have Bubble Soccer, including some of the products mentioned above: Bubble Football, Bumper Ball, Loopy Ball and inflatable Zorbing. Those are fun, safe and good exercise. Next, they have Water Games products like: Water Ball, Inflatable Pool, Water Roller, Water Blob, Water Trampoline, Inflatable Water Park etc.  Also they have Inflatable Slides and Inflatable Tents. Today we'll focus on their Zorb Balls. It's a sport of rolling down the hill inside a Zorb ball. It can be done on water as well. Either way it is really fun and both kids and adults can have a great time rolling in it. On Inflatable-Zone there are various Zorb balls for you to choose from. There are transparents Zorb balls, in color, with colorful night lights or looking like a soccer ball. Pick the one you and your kids will enjoy the most. Prices are more than affordable.

Another fun product you should try out is a Floating Water Roller. Water games are especially fun and crazy! You can play on a pool, lake, see or river with this amazing inflatable toy. This kind of product is hard to find in local stores and if you manage to find it is very expensive. But no worries, Inflatable-Zone is here! They have different types of this super fun toy.

  Did you have a chance to try out any of the products like these! What's your experience? Is it crazy? Is it fun? I would really like to roll downhill in a Zorb ball or try out this water roller. Both toys seem very interesting and promise good time and good memories with your kids or friends. Visit Inflatable-Zone and discover more fun inflatable toys today!

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