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Hi guys!
We was in Greece, and we come back home for two days ago.
This post was also how we spent every day in Lefkada, but this pictures was taken in Sivota, 130. km away from Lefkada.So we are enjoying some beach time in Sivota only one day!
But I'll show you more pictures as soon as I can!

In today's post I want share with you one of my favorite online fashion store. It's call gamiss.
This beauty one pieces swimsuit is won this summer. All that colors, material, super stylish style are fabulous for the summer. This one-pieces swimsuit it definitely look way more expensive than it was, but they are wall known for the trendies high quality fashion products and you don't need to spent a lot of money to create a fabulous look.
Don't the miss great chance to shop your favorite stuff from Gamiss.
And also when you find your perfect swimwear, just grab your attention to find your perfect pair of high heels and you are ready to make heads turn.
Check out their cheap high heels

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  1. Volem jako!!!! Savršeno ti stoji ovaj krasni cvetni dezen! Kupaći je kao stvoren za tebe. Prelepa si <3



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