Hello girls! For today's post I prepared something a bit different than you used to read before on Taktata. We're talking about what to wear on a casino night out. Have you ever been to casino? Unfortunately, I haven't but would like to go. I usually play casino games online. I like to play poker and slot machines on M88. There are so many different games to play. Sometimes, while playing some of my favorite games, I feel like I'm in a real casino (like those in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo) except I'm wearing my pajamas or my everyday clothes. And I start thinking about what would I actually wear if I visit some big casino one day. I dream about glam and glitter, fancy cocktails, and great party. I came up with 3 different ideas of what to wear on a casino night and I thought that it would be interesting to share them with you. Maybe you'll find them inspiring if you're planning to go to casino but don't know how to dress.

  Long maxi dress is always a good idea when it comes to formal wear and formal occasions. In big casinos it's all about glamour and it gives you an opportunity to wear something that you can't wear everyday. You can opt for a maxi dress in black or red, or with some sparkling details like sequins or zircons for a stunning look. You can pair it with some flat shoes or sandals and a clutch bag. Keep your jewellery simple and don't forget the red lipstick for the final touch of glam.

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  If you're not a fan of maxi dresses, cocktail dresses works fine for this occasion too. You can opt for timeless classic - little black dress is always a winning outfit and works for every special event you might go to. Or you can opt for a cocktail dress in some bold or bright color. Red, electric blue, fuschia work great. Sequins are also a good choice. Opt for gold or silver sequined cocktail dress. Pair it with your favorite black pumps, favorite mini bag. Don't go overboard with the jewellery pieces. Pick one, but make it statmenet one. A pair of statement earrings is just enough.

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 A nice suit or jumpsuit is a great alternative for special occasion looks. You can look glamorous, sexy and feminine even if not wearing a dress. Plus you'll look more like a professional player at your table if playing a poker. Wear some some heels or pumps and put some fancy details for a killer look.

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  Most of the casinos don't have a specific dress code but in those in big cities it's usually all about glam and glitter. These were my suggestions on what to wear on a nigh out in a casino. Do you have any other ideas? What would you wear? Do you ever play poker or other casino games? Which one you like best.
  As always I'm looking forward to read your thoughts. Can't wait to read your comments about this subject.

Kisses until next post,

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