Hello guys! Summer is alomost here, and it's time to freshen up our closets with some hot, trendy Summer items. So, In today's post on Taktata blog I'd like to inform you about on of my favorite online store. It's Zaful! It's online fashion store for fashion lovers and you can find a lot of designe are made in good materials, high quality which is number on thing when you buying online.They are offering a wide range of fashionable clothes, shoes, bags, accssories.
So, for today I'v gathered a wishlist with my favorite Summer items.

Let's start with one super cool maxi dress with floral print.Florals are always in style for Summer and this dress is perfect for night out, some party or to wear in casual occasion.You can match it with almost everything.

Next choice is this beautiful asyimmetric slip dress with tropic print.They have a really a wide range of items to choose for everyone's taste and this store offers varity of Summer dresses at super affordable prices.

Zaful offers a large assortiment of bikinies in defferent style, colors, prints, and what we'll girls need this Summer are cool bikinis.They have a huge selection of bikinies in defferent designe, and to follow your figure. 

I'm totally in love with this polka dot sandals wrom their online store.Actualy these are espadrille platform sandals, and love the bowknot detail so much.

 Do you like my wishlist?
And for my dear readers, I have a discount code. Please use ZFTina and you can get it discount for you order. So visit tham today and find you perfect Summer items, at more then affordable prices.
For more information on any particular piece click the link on the pictures.

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