Tips to make your hair extensions last longer

  There are a lot of reasons why women decide to apply for hair extensions. For many of them, it's used only when they have special occasions such as the wedding or significant birthday. Other women need hair extensions because of trendy hairstyle they can't have without it. There are also women who think that they can't live without hair extensions considering them as parts of the body. Considering it as any other limb, they don't want it to be detached. So, if you want to join that group, you need to be properly introduced to it.  

  Find the method that suits you. This is the most important step in the process and you must assess what is crucial in your hair's look of once extensions are applied to it. Both methods have some limitations, so you'll need to look at your own hair and determine which choice is the right for you. If you think that your hair needs thickness, it's recommended to choose a method which uses hair wefts extensions instead of individual strands as the first can take more volume. It's also better because less space on your head is used for it. If you have a fine a very fine hair and you aren't worried about the thickness, there are a lot of different decisions. You can choose either tape in or nano-bonds extensions if you want to hide the attachments.

  Find the best hair. This is the most difficult task as the market if full of hair extension companies that claim they have outstanding hair. But, in order to find a quality hair, you need to ask some questions, for example about the origin of it. Also, a very important question is ¨C does the hair is from single or multiple donors, because the second can give extremely dense effect.

  Choose from single or double drawn hair production. You should know that single drawn has shorter hair in the bundle with natural tapered appearance. Double drawn is a different process where shorter hairs are eliminated and approximately 90% of hairs are of the same length.

  Have another cutting appointment. A basic cut that came with hair extension's application is not enough if you want your hair vendors to settle better. That's why you need another, more intricate cut that will be performed by your regular hair stylist which also can provide often required further blending.

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