What You Need to Know About Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Nail polish is every girl’s favourite way to oomph up her look and brings a statement to it. However, these days’ people are opting out of using it as they contain harmful chemicals which may lead to long-term side effects especially if you use them on a regular basis. Companies now being aware of the consumer's needs are formulating non-toxic polishes to keep both the environment and you healthy. Below we have the nail polish brands list 2018 to help you choose the one suited best to your needs.

Our cult favourite is the Zoya nail polish. The best part about it is the variety of 300 colours you get to choose from. It is devoid of any harmful chemicals that might enter your bloodstream through your nails or ruin their texture. This is super smooth when it comes to application and lasts for a very long time. It is formulated especially for people whose main concern is breathability. It does not hinder the growth of your nails. It does not come off easily so you can do your daily chores easily. There has been no harm to the environment in their manufacturing process. For people looking for variety, this one is your best bet!

Our second best is the Anjou nail polish. This is a must-have for your travelling set as they are available in 12 basic colours can be peeled off easily. This prevents you from using harsh nail polish removing products which can be harmful to the surface of your nails. People who love funky colours should go for this one. You can do nail art with this as well because they have the right consistency for both purposes. However, you will not find nude shades in this so you might need to look for another one. These are environmentally friendly and require no chemical removal. If you are into nail polish for fun and are not looking for a specific shade, this is your to-go!
Next in the line of our cult favourites is the Adrianne K Sheer Nail Polish. This one comes in 27 shades. You will find all the colours from the basic ones to party wear sorts. They have a glossy finish to them

which leaves your nails looking super attractive. These are also free of any harmful chemicals, therefore, they can be left on your nails without compromising their health. These are the best for vegans as they are completely cruelty-free and the company has a policy against animal testing. They don’t fade or chip off easily. You can practice your daily activities without worrying about your nail colour. However since they glue on so strongly, you cannot peel them off. You will require a chemical acetone remover.
Hope you have found the nail polish of your dream as we have listed all possible sorts above- and only the best ones! So you can style your nails without worrying about their health and get on with your chores!

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