WISH LIST: CNDirect.com

 Baseball Cap

 Long Sleeve Blouse

Hi.Today I want to introduce you one super Pretty, Cheap, Easy online store.
I'm talking about cndirect.com .They have a lot of cute things in more catgeries: Clothing, Bag, Jewelry, Baby, Accessories, Gadgets and Home.You can find more than fashionable Clothers, Bags, Jewelry etc. at reasonable and affordable prices.cndirect.com is sa fashion dastination that you need to bookmark and visit it again and again.For me is intersting that I can find some cute baby things in so cheap price tag.This is my Wishlist, for me summer is not the end,  and I'm in epecially in love with pastel colors.I think all that cool pices of Clothing are perfect to space up a bornig everyday look.
I hope you like tham too.I'll find text link bellow image, in case you need more info about some particular item.
Enjoy the post and Have a Great Weekend!

 Crystal Flower Rope Necklace



 Teenis Mini Skirt

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3 коментара

  1. Nice necklace and white skirt!


  2. Super cool sajt! Obozavam taj floralni kacket i divnu belu suknjicu. Torba je wow! Savrseno :-)



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