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12:06:00 AM

Natalie Imbruglia back with new album "Male"

Scarf from Greece
Kada moj muž izabere majicu Scotch and Soda, i na kraju nas prijatelji pitaju da li je to moj print na istoj. Moj divni Saša, opet izabere mene neki način. So Proud!
Long Sleeve Tee with Nacklace tnx to cndirect
H&M Shirt from hajducica
A gift from my Husband
Harper's Bazaar Czech Republic + Shopper Bag
Holly & Whyte by Lindex, Long Sleeve Tees 

New in post.
Ph By Me

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  1. Yiassou (hi)!
    Wow Ihave had so many years to hear Imbruglia's songs... beautiful woman!

  2. so amazing! thanks for sharing!
    cheap wigs are on sale online!



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