Hello blog readers! Today's post is all about wigs and hair extensions. I want to present you one wonderful store that I discovered last week. It's called MOFAIN.COM and they're specialized in selling different kinds of wigs, hair extensions and other hair products. First, let's focus on Mofain Hair celebrity wigs. Wanna pull Rihanna's hair? Or you prefer Katy Perry, Beyonce, Taylor Swift or Scarlett Johansson? There's a huge, huge selection of beautiful Celebrity Wigs for you to choose from. All the wigs are made of 100% real human hair and come at super affordable prices.

 Next thing I'd like to recommend you is to check Mofain for Cheap Hair Extensions. Any type you want, they have all them covered: clip in hair extensions, micro loop, tape hair extensions, etc. Choose by fiber, texture or color. When it comes to fiber you can choose between Brazilian, Indian and other human hairs. If you choose by texture, there are many options available: body wave, loose wave, deep wave, afro curly, kinky curly, silk straight etc. And finally colors, there are different dark, medium and light shades as well as mixed. With such nearly endless options you'll surely find perfect hair extensions for yourself. And you don't have to spend a fortune to create a dazzling hairstyle. All the hair extensions at Mofain are pretty cheap.

   Finally, I'd like you to check Full Lace Wigs collection on Mofain. For those who are not sure what are lace wigs, here's a short explanation. Lace wigs are made as a cap with lace, and each of hairs is individually hand-tied onto the lace which creates an illusion that hair is growing out of your scalp. This type of wigs is very popular among celebrities and models. 
  There are two types of lace wigs: full lace wigs and lace front wigs. Full lace wigs have lace all around and you need to cut a hairline around your head when you apply it. Once you done that you can wear a high ponytail, free part anywhere etc. You can cut it, dye it, iron it or change it in any way you like. Just treat it as your natural hair. Full lace wigs are comfortable to wear and the lace allows your hair to breathe. 
   Lace front wig has lace only on the front. It has an adjustable strap and combs in the back. With this type of lace wig you lack the freedom to change it as you wish. So, I think that full lace wigs are better option. Mofain has an array of beautiful full lace wigs made of real human hair: Brazilian, European, Peruvian, Indian and Malaysian hair. Short, medium or long, as well as the color, the choice is only yours.

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  1. A good post for sharing hairstyle! Thanks for sharing!

    Happy merry Christmas!
    Human hair wigs

  2. Predobre ekstenzije! Svidjaju mi se kovrdzave, al steta sto mi je kosa ravna.



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