Make your own bobbleheads from your photo with Likenessme

  Hello lovely readers! Today I prepared something a bit different than what you used to read in "Shopping" section on my blog. I want to present you one awesome website who makes the best custom bobbleheads. What are bobbleheads? They are dolls created from your photo or by your instructions. And the best place to order those is Likenessme. Their bobblehead dolls are 100% handmade. At Likenessme they use polymer clay to create a bobblehead doll that resembles you or any person you want. These dolls are imaginative, creative, and downright fun. Personalized bobbleheads are really something new in the market. If you want to make a a unique and personalized gift for someone dear to you this is a great idea!
  People from Likenessme want to ensure the highest likeness and satisfactory for their beloved customers. You can use the sample proofing service on their store for free, and that means that you can express your opinion in communication with the sculptor until you get exactly what you want. You can read testimonials of so many satisfied customers on their website and also see the photos of the products they purchased. Cool, isn't it?
   For any person and any occasion, you can personalize your very own bobblehead doll from head to toe! When you order, you need to submit photo of the person or to describe in detail what you need, or. This will ensure their crafters to create a perfect bobblehead to your specification in time that you set. Visit them today and make your own bobbleheads from your photo for yourself and persons you love.

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