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  One of the first associations on name necklaces is Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City series. But, name necklaces didn't begin nor will end with Carrie. This trend was huge during the hip hop scene in the '80s.This trend is still popular, especially last few years. Name necklaces are a super cool fashion accessory and also a nice gift idea if you want to gift someone something special and unique.   
   If you're not sure where you can get your perfect personalized name necklace I'm happy to recommend you Soufeel. It's an online shopping destination you shouldn't miss to check. I'm sure you heard about them before. Their charm bracelets are very popular. Besides charm bracelets they have name necklaces in their offer as well. There are many beautiful designs of name necklaces in Carrie style, but also bar necklaces, engraving hang tag necklaces, infinity name necklaces and monogram name necklaces. 
  Choose your favorite style. They are available in silver, rose gold and gold plated. Choose depending on your taste or taste of a person that you want to surprise with this original gift. Carrie style necklaces are my favorite. Be sure to check Soufeel for some awesome styles of name necklaces and check other products from their assortment. Here are some of my favorite name necklace styles from Soufeel.

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