How To Choose An Engagement Ring

While wedding bells may be ringing in your ears, don’t let them blur your vision. It is important to pick an engagement ring based on her lifestyle – one she will be comfortable wearing and won’t have to take off often. Here’s how to pick the perfect ring for her lifestyle.
You now have the two most beautiful and significant rings you will ever own. How you wear them is up to you, but there are a number of ways you can display them, some traditional, and others modern. Whichever way you wear your rings, you want them to stand out.  We’ll look at a few customs and conventions, and then see how bridal sets can be worn in combination to stunning effect.
Generally, the more ornate of the two rings couples mark their unions with; the engagement ring has a history going back to Roman times.  It is generally worn on the ring finger of the left hand because of the ancient belief that the vena amoris or vein of love flowed through this finger. In Germany, it is transferred to the right hand after marriage.  Traditionally, Turks and Poles wear engagement rings and wedding rings on the ring finger of the right hand, but this convention is becoming less frequently seen.
Comfort isn’t just a physical thing, it also includes her state of mind. You want her to feel loved as she wears her ring, not unsafe or awkward. For instance, if she is a social worker who workers in poorer areas, an expensive ring may send the wrong message or draw unwarranted attention. On the other hand, if she is a fitness fanatic, her ring may need to withstand her daily crossfit classes and will mean you need to choose a secure setting that can handle wear and tear.
Less frequently found now that intricate modern jewellery can be easily marred in inexpert hands, couples used to have their engagement and wedding rings soldered together. Carefully selected bridal sets like diamond white gold wedding rings and morganite engagement rings allow specially shaped and contoured rings to rest comfortably against each other letting their complementary styles catch the magpie eyes of the envious. Complementary pairings of rings allow for a multiplicity of dazzling (and highly photogenic) effects.
The prongs that hold the stone in place are going to catch on a thread occasionally, but this should not be a regular occurrence. Again, think about how she uses her hands daily to ensure you choose a setting that will suit her day to day lifestyle. While pointy prongs may look great, they’re more susceptible to hooking on things

Something to consider when wearing your bridal set is not to allow one ring to diminish the allure of the other.  Generally, the engagement ring is set with a greater volume of gemstones. Because fingers taper, wearing the wedding ring below the engagement ring can cause the optical illusion that it is the lesser of the two. They are your rings, and your style is your style; whatever you do, wear them with pride.

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