After my dresses wishlist from Rosegal, in today's post I'd like to share with you my favorites from this store when it comes to tops. There's a wide range of tops in different styles, colors, patterns etc. With so many options available you will surely find something for yourself. First lets check some Rosegal lace blouse designs. No matter seasonal trends lace is always in fashion. But if you follow the fashion trends then you know that this Spring is all about pastels. So, you can opet for lace blouses in pastel colors like millenial pink and lavander purple which are going to be the most popular colors for this season.


 Besides pastels, one of the hottest trends for this Spring are ruffles. They are popular for some time around and they are continuing their popularity throughout this season as well. I really like this trend, I like ruffles on dresses, tops, even on pants. I'm glad this trend is still here. The fashion forecast calls for a season of frills and flounce, meaning you'll have plenty of opportunities to ruffle up your wardrobe. Whether you tier up and flow head‐to‐toe or choose a solitary ruffle for a little extra animation. I found some cool ruffle tops on Rosegal, which you can shop now.


 For the end, I also recommend you to check out their halter top bikinis. Click more
I love this kind of bikinis, they are fun and cool. What kind of bikinis you like?


Kisses until next post,


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  1. Mnogo mi se dopada haljina/bluza broj 2, prelepo! 😍😍😍


  2. Great post, I like it :)

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