Hello! In today's post I'd like to share with you some more favorites from ZAFUL. In my previous post I wrote you about bikinis, in this one I'm writing you about their beautiful dresses. They have a huge, huge range of trendiest dresses at super affordable prices. Any style, design, pattern or color you can imagine they have almost everything in their offer. 
 For today I picked to share a few pretty dresses that I like the most. Here's the first one. I don't know what attracts me more about it, the color, the print or it's style. I love tunic dresses, they fit most figures. I feel very comfortable wearing them, and stylish at the same time. You can find more tunic dresses on ZAFUL. 
  The next model that i like is velvet cami dress. Cami dress style is very popular lately, as well as velvet fabrics. I like this dress cause it combines two cool trends in one. And it's color is amazing, as well. If you like it too, shop now!
   And finally, here's one pretty white flowy dress with interesting pattern. You can find more like this one here. When I was younger I wasn't very much into white pieces, I prefered darker clothes. But with ages and with coming trends I started wearing brighter colors, and white as well. So this dress loos perfect, I think I'm going to order it. I found a lot more trendy dresses  on ZAFUL, not just these three. Check them out and find your favorites.
  Be sure to visit ZAFUL and get ready for this spring. Besides beautiful dresses like these that I'm sharing with you, there are many amazing items on their website. Check out their tops, bottoms, jackets, bags, shoes, accessories and jewellery. I really love this store, cause they have everything in one place, their items are following the latest trends and are pretty affordable. I'm also satisfied with their quality, so you have all the recommendations from me for this cool online store.

Which one do you prefer?

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