Hey girls! I'm glad you liked my previous post about ZAFUL. Today I'm taking you to this online store again, this time to check out there amaying collection of bikinis. Sprig is here, and summer is approaching, it's time to think about vacation and make preparations for it. What we'll surely need no matter where we decide to go, we'll need a good bikini, or a couple of them.
  ZAFUL has really a wide range of wonderful bikini designs, s there's something for everyone's taste. And what's important they are not expencive at all. Here are some designs that I like the most. The first one comes in black and white print, and it's made of neoprene. If you're into this kind of swimwear be sure to check it here
  The second one that I picked is ZAFUL string bikini. I love the retro look of this one, the ruffles and stripes. I fell in love with it at first sight. 
  I love this unusual bikini designs. So, the third one also caught my attention with it's cool, again retro pattern.If you like triangle bikinis there are much more pretty designs. Maybe this type is my most favorite one. What type of swimwear do you prefer?
  Be sure to check Zaful's website. There are many more cool items waiting for you, not just bikinis. There are dresses, tops, shirts, pants, jackets, jewellery, different kinds of shoes, bags and other fashionable accessories. Their prices are prettz affordable. Don't miss to buy super trendy items for less than on other online fashion shops.

Which one do you like?

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