If you're brooding over the thought of getting long tresses and thicker locks, then hair extensions can be a good option to explore. But, how do you know what type of human hair extensions will suit your hair and more importantly blend with your hair to give you a natural look? Hair Extensions are available in a wide variety to suit thick, fine or medium hair and also in different shades to match its natural colour.
Who doesn't want a lovely mane that gets attention at every single occasion or turns heads at your new office? The trend in hair styles is changing with every new day and it may be hard to keep pace without damaging your hair and of course, your wallet too! Hair extensions are an easy way to manage the length of your hair from short to long and add volume.
Understanding your hair type
It is important to match the texture of your hair with the extensions. A simple trick to determine this is to measure your ponytail's circumference with a hair elastic. If your hair elastic wraps around your pony for more than three rounds, then you have fine hair. The elastic will wrap only twice if you have thick hair. Once you know your hair type, then you can choose the extensions – double, triple or quad wefts depending on the amount of hair sewn onto it.
Human vs. Synthetic hair extensions
Hair extensions are available in two types – human hair extensions made from pure human hair and synthetic hair extensions, artificially made. It is advisable to use human hair extensions if you are looking for the highest quality because these are easy to treat, colour and tint in the same way you would do with your natural hair.

Hair extension styles
Before you buy any hair extensions, determine the exact use of it. Some hair extensions are available to add length instantly while some others are used for particular hair styles. Most of the hair extensions are available with straight hair or with slightly wavy hair. So, if you have curly hair, it is better to look for extensions with curls that will easily blend with your hair.
Hair extensions application types
Skin Weft or Tape-on extensions are used to add fullness or slight length to your hair. A skin weft, attached to a thin polyurethane strip with tapes is sandwiched between small sections of your hair. These extensions last for about 6-8 weeks and the hair can be reused again.
The easiest way of using hair extensions is using clip-on extensions – a weft of hair attached to a clip as per the measured length and colour. These are low-maintenance and easy-to-use extensions, perfect for occasional wear. Your stylish will show you how to attach them with the clips. There are other types of hair extension application methods such as fusion, micro-link and sew-in which can last for more than 4 months.
It is best to choose a method that suits your hair type, considering the ease of application without damaging your hair.
Care and maintenance
It is important to know that occasional care is required for different types of hair extensions from Hair Distributors to maintain the shine and texture. Clip-on extensions are easy to maintain with daily brushing and a gentle wash while tape-on extensions recommend that you keep them away from oily products. Make sure that you know the level of care and maintenance from your stylish before you choose a particular type.
Hair extensions are a great way to style your hair. Have fun with them, just make sure you do your homework before you choose one for yourself!

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