Hello guys! It's time for another shopping post! Gifting season is here, maybe this post will help you and give you an idea about gifts for your loved ones. Recently I have discovered a brand, designer house Forbad Barsum. This brand is Beverly Hills based brand, founded in 2010. by the designer Forbad Barsum. Their specialty are goods made of exotic skins. They sell purses, handbags and different types of small accessories like wallets, keychains, cuffs etc. Interesting thing about this brand is that they were first to use Swarovski Crystals on exotics, and they were first to combine two or more different exotics on one bag. All their products are handmade by master artisans. What grabbed my attention especially from their offer is their collection of exotic wallets for women. There's a wide range of materials and designs, you can choose from the classic lizard, alligator or womens ostrich wallet. And there's a plenty colors to choose from. Whatever your choice is, this wallet is a perfect gift for any women. They are made  to stand out for any occasion. It's well organized, there are 12 credit card slots, two bill compartments and a rear zipper compartment for coins. All that a women needs when it comes to wallets, plus it's modern and fashionable and can complete any look. Alligator wallets come in 5 different color options, lizard in 10 and ostrich in 3. I especially like this ostrich wallet in gunmetal shade. It's perfect!

  So far we've seen an idea about a Christmas gift for HER. What about HIM? Forbad Barsum has amazing products for both women and men. From their offer for men I recommend you to check mens bifold wallets collection. Actually it's this brand's best seller. As with womens wallets, these wallets for men are available in all three of their signature exotic skins-ostrich, lizard and alligator skin bifold. Exotic alligator wallet would be my choice for my husband. It's available in 5 different colors: silver, black, brown, Mykonos blue and Strawberry red. I especially like this in silver and blue is cool too. They have sophisticated and sleek look that will make impression on anyone in every occasion. So, if you're not sure about what to gift to your men on Christmas eve this can be quite a good choice. So, visit Forbad Barsum today, I'm sure you'll find something for him, and something for yourself from their wide offer or exotic goods.

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