If you're not a stiletto girl then wedge heel shoes are your the way to go. They are foot-friendly and very comfortable. They're chic and sexy but in a subtle, casual way. I was browsing the web in search for perfect ladies wedge heel shoes and discovered SHOESPIE, an online store that sells different kinds of shoes. They have quite a wide range of wedge high heels in various styles, materials colors and prints. You can choose from different wedge styles like low sandals, high heels and boots. Each of the styles mentioned comes in different designs such as open toe, pumps, bootie, platform sandals etc. If you’re looking for height that is easy to wear wedges are the right choice. What's the best heel height when it comes to wedge shoes? If it's about comfort, almost all wedge heels are comfortable. It depends more on the occasion where you want to wear them, on your personal style and what kind of image you want to present. My recommendation for you if decide to buy wedge high heels is to look for a design that will last for more season, which are versatile and wearable with almost anything. Go for wedges in black, nude, gray or so. But if you want to make a statement you can go for a a pair in your favorite bright and bold color, or go for ones in metallic. Whatever your taste in fashion is there must be a perfect pair of comfortable womens heels on SHOESPIE. Here are some designs that I like the most. Let me know if you like them as well.

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