Hello guys! Happy weekend! In today's SHOPPING post we're visiting one of my favorite online stores, called StyleWe. It's an online store for everyone, I'd say. Why? Because they have so many different clothing products that really everyone will find something for themselves. StyleWe is selling fashionable and trendy clothes from independent designers from over the globe. They want to help designers build their own name/brand and at the same time they want to help fashionistas find just what they need in one super stylish place. There are numerous designs of unique garments: jackets, coats, dresses, pants, skirts, blazers, jumpsuits, etc. to meet everyone's needs and taste in fashion.    
    What grabbed my attention the most while browsing their website is their collection of flared pants, cropped flares especially. Cropped flares are such a huge thing for this Fall/Winter season. Depending on style and fabrication they can be worn with almost everything. I've picked a couple of designs to share with you, of course you can find the one you like by checking their store. I've picked a couple of more elegant designs that can be perfect for work or some formal event. They can be work with different kinds of shirts or blouses, with sandals or high heels. For me the black color is the best option for those kind of occasions when you need to look elegant and refined, but you can find flared pants in other colors as well on StyleWe. So, visit them today! Besides these gorgeous flared pants you'll find many more fantastic fashion clothes.

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